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Waters offers a comprehensive range of analytical system solutions, software, and services for scientists. Liquid Chromatography.

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April 1, Anzio. Four of the boys left the crew and Mr. Crawford today, being assigned to new LCT(6)s in North Africa. [The amphibious base was in Bizerte.] Jerries has been quiet for about two days but this afternoon he sure has been laying the shells in here again, some come mighty close. Baily and I hit some old buildings a couple of times.

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CBMU 503 reported on May 6 and prepared to take over all activities previously manned by the 3rd Construction Battalion. Company C of the 3rd had been sent to Funafuti in April, and Company D broke camp and joined the other detachment of the battalion stationed at Noumea in June 1943. The 6th (Special) remained in Fiji until November 6, 1943.

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