[digital] Lex Van Dam – Million Dollar Traders Course

[digital] Lex Van Dam – Million Dollar Traders Course 3.5 out of 5 based on 21 ratings.

Feb 01, 2017  · Learn how to trade FX, stocks, commodities and technical strategies in one comprehensive course combining high definition videos, exclusive tools and specialist expertise.Learn how to trade with the world’s most comprehensive investor educationWith 51 VideosAll programs include

Lex brings a lot of credibility to the content that is being delivered through the Academy. The Million Dollar Traders Course has a unique way of combining technical analysis with a fundamentals-based approach, so that you can apply these methods within one simple framework and become a more successful trader.

Lex started the Lex van Dam Trading Academy in 2010, with its flagship course 5-Step-Trading®. He is the only independent financial educator in the UK who actually trades for a living. In “Million Dollar Traders” he trained a diverse group of eight people with no trading experience for two weeks, after which he handed them $1 million of.

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Million Dollar Traders Course – Lex Van Dam Download, Apply Lex’s trademarked methodology to current, real world markets. Learn how to trade FX, stocks,

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In his BBC television TV show Million Dollar Traders, hedge fund manager Lex van Dam taught his trading methods to a group of eight novices before backing them with $1 million of his own money. They traded Lex’s money for eight weeks, and ended up outperforming the professionals.

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